About Us

The Youth Hub started from an epiphany moment from founder Rehnell when working as an Employment Adviser for a work programme provider. With so many young people unemployed or suffering from financial issues, mental ill-health and a lack of guidance. So Rehnell wanted to start a central hub in the UK where it can offer information, advice and empowerment for the youth through workshops, events, activities, social media and other services. 

Our aim is to become a leading Youth Hub while making our clients feel proud to work with us.

Meet The Team


Rehnell Blackett

Founder & Director

Rehnell's background involves working as a Recruitment Consultant, Internal Recruiter and also as an Employment Adviser.


He is passionate and enthusiastic in supporting the youth of our society. He personally enjoys meeting new people and being able to make a difference to someone’s life for the better.

Hobbies and Interests:

Rehnell enjoys reading, cycling and loves a good smoothie!

Get in touch with Rehnell:

Email: info@theyouthhub.co.uk

ruby white background.png

Ruby Hargreaves-Benjamin Operations Director 

Ruby is experienced in Human Resources and Recruitment. She has worked in both public and private sectors and has a Masters (MA) in Human Resources Management and a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology 2.1


In each and every role she has exceeded expectations and has been promoted. Ruby has gone on to manage members of her team also in various roles.


We are very happy and value Ruby at The Youth Hub.

Hobbies and Interests

Ruby enjoys the outdoors, reading, travelling and practices a vegan diet!

Get in touch with Ruby:


Email: ruby@theyouthhub.co.uk

Our Values


Honesty - Providing truthful and honest advice to jobseekers and clients


Loyalty - We believe loyalty is integral for everyday morals so we also expect to provide loyalty to our jobseekers and to clients.


Customer Satisfaction - Making sure that we provide customer satisfaction by understanding job seekers and client’s needs during and after our services provided. We ensure that we find a suitable role for job seekers and ensure we fulfil the needs of the employer.

For more details email us at info@theyouthhub.co.uk.

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