With over 15 years of recruitment experience combined, we have a team of highly experienced recruiters who will tailor the recruitment process to your needs. We work closely with our clients to make sure we fulfil their needs.

We have special systems in place to make sure our clients are satisfied with the services we offer.

Our philosophy is "if you are not happy then neither are we."​

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  • Finding the right people with a passion for your industry.

  • We like to tailor the recruitment process to suit your needs.​

At the Youth Hub, we believe it is important to help employers find the right people who are suitable for your needs. We believe that it is extremely important for candidates to have a certain amount of credentials when choosing the right person/s for our employers.

A percentage of recruitment fees we receive will be donated to one of our youth-related charities.

We help people who are currently employed or unemployed to find the right position.


We offer consultation services by looking into your recruitment process, systems, policies and the following below:


  • Job adverts

  • Application process

  • Interviews

  • Business needs

So why choose us?

  • Recruiters with years of experience working in both public and private sectors

  • Business growth experience

  • A proven track record of delivering results

  • An experienced HR specialist qualified in HR with a Human Resources Masters (MA)

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