Our YouTube channel is here for advice and empowerment with videos on recruitment, job searching, careers, business and more. We also have the "Discussion with..." show where we will have discussions with business owners, corporate professionals, charities, organisations, influencers and more.  The aim is to empower, inspire and provide advice.


Episode 1


Episode 1 kicked off with King Seth where he and Rehnell discussed the importance of meditation, working on your mental strength and purpose.

Breakdown from the episode:

  • Working on your self-development is important.

  • Mental fitness is key - for example meditation.

  • Meditation in the morning and evening.

  • Do things with a purpose.

Episode 2


Episode 2 discussion with... Keshia G where Keshia G explained what is the best way to start DJing and also about Keshia G Studio where she hosts DJ lessons and workshops. 

Breakdown from the episode:

  • The Importance of networking.

  • Regularly practising your craft.

  • Doing music research regularly.

  • Understanding your equipment

  • Being able to improvise and knowing your equipment.

Episode 3


Episode 3 discussion with... we spoke with Charlie Blair who told us about how she elevated from hardship to starting up her own business, talking on mindset, what makes her tick and positive energy.

Breakdown from the episode:

  • Her hard work ethic helped her change her life.

  • The right people around you are crucial.

  • Positive energy is soo important.

Episode 4


Episode 4 Discussion With... In this discussion we caught up with Ricardo P Lloyd to discuss what it is like being a UK actor, the effects of the pandemic, opportunities, building a legacy and more.
Breakdown from the episode:

  • Building a legacy

  • Taking opportunities

  • Perfecting your craft

  • Self Development

  • Acting in the UK

Next episode coming soon!